The war of words

Today, I’ll keep mum
And not even roll my eyes
Or Throw up my hands in air
I’ll take a deep breath
And not shout or argue
I’ll betray my inner emotions
To avoid the war of words
Because, it is what hurts the most
It is what affects the most
It is what bothers us the most
And this tale of peace
Will be widely unsung



Here’s a quick introduction
I’m quiet as a lake
I’m also the fierce storm
I’m a volcano
I’m also a blizzard
I’m moderate and also extreme
By now
You must have guessed
I’m life.

Shine comes after struggle

Everyone has their issues
Even the strongest ones needs tissue
Everyone is dealing with stess
Their heads deep down in mess
Everyone has their share of ups and downs
Sometimes openly, other times alone, everyone frowns
Not everyone is made of happy things and smiles
Sometimes, a mintues’s walk is like walking miles
Not everyone wakes up happy and fresh
Some people wake up with a void in their chest
You are not alone in your trials and tribulations
Everyone is facing their own situation
Grades, finances, family and what not
Yet, they are giving their best shot
To make it out of out of the mess
To be happy in their own nest
So stop cribbing and whining
It’s never too late to start working on life and shining
Go, go on where you want to be
No matter if the ride is bumpy.
Just go.
Shine comes after struggle.