One of those days
When something goes amiss
When without any reason
You feel pissed
When your anger grows in leaps and bounds
When an unknown grief is very profound
When your insides are about to explode
When on you, despodency takes a toll.
Brew some coffee and sit down
Think no more, just empty your brain
You don’t deserve a wasteful strain
Play soft music and sway along
The hopelessness and anger will soon be gone.








Buckles and Notches

So today, when I wore a belt to stop my jeans from running down my waist, I came across this stupidly wise theory of mine. Lets call it ” Theory of Buckles and Notches”. Okay, jokes apart, lets jump into it.
The belt you wear is your  life. And in a belt, we are always concerned about the notches. Their size, their positioning. Little do we realize that notches are the temporary people in life, who tear away from the belt. Sometimes, notches tear the whole belt. You must’ve noticed how some notches become useless after we our waist size changes. They  no longer help us, no matter how hard we try. Same is with temporary people. They no longer help us when we change. But like notches, they stay there, not helping us, not being with us, just being a waste of space.
But, all we care  about is notches.
While messing about not so important notches, we ignore the oh-so-important  buckle. Our constant. Our support. So the the buckle is basically all the people, friends and family, who stand by you, make a difference to your life. Buckle. Your constant. Your support system.

But then, my darling, what’s a belt without both buckle and notches? They coexist, becoming each other’s lifeline.
What do we do without notches? What if the buckle falls off?
Likewise, in life, we cannot only have constants. Some variables are required to know, to understand, the value of constants.


I trust nobody
So the paper is priviledged
to know my secrets
And the ink does
the honour of keeping them.
I trust nobody
So, I don’t confide in souls.
Instead, I confide in words
Which are broken, yet whole.
I trust nobody
And probably nobody trusts me
So, I guess
Everyone confides in art
And if not,
Then they confine their secrets
To their own hearts.


So it’s the end of another year and beginning of a new one.
But wait and think about the anger and grudges you have not yet shunned, about the little moments you didn’t appreciate, about the little tit-bits of life you weren’t grateful for.
Think about people who stood by your side in yet another stormy year. Have you thanked them already? Have you thanked the people who motivated you to be better? Have you thanked the people who brought the best out of you.
Lastly, have you praised yourself for putting up with yourself? For surviving whatever life made you face?
If not, do it today.
Today is the day to close all the pending accounts, balance them. Clear all the dues. Depreciate the sadness, make provisions for happiness. And carry forward the zest of life to yet another amazing year.

Happy 2k18!

A Canvas

When you first saw me,
I was dazzling white.
Enticed by my looks,
You picked your paint brush
and painted me in different colours
And many  more,
seldom repeating any shade.
But soon
The artist in you was bored
and you left me
in the darkest ever shade of black.
Alone, I wonder
If I will be anyone’s canvas ever again.

Love is about…

Love is not only about
Understanding the spoken words.
It’s about understanding
The silence
And the pause
In each other’s  sentence.
It about understanding
The unshed tears
And each other’s worst fears.
It’s about understanding
The reason of extra long hugs
And the inexplicable shrugs.
Let me put it in words,
Simple and plain
Love is about understanding
Without having to explain.